About Us

NextGen AVL is a Pro AVL company with a strong desire to provide great service and buying power for churches, non-profits and business’s alike.

With over a decade of experience in live production and installation/systems integration, we can leverage our relationships and experience to help you achieve your goals.  Using our knowledge of the industry we can help you find the best solution to fit your event, programming, facility and budget.



As you can tell we sell equipment and have relationships with many of the best AVL equipment manufacturers in the biz.  Like everyone else we have to adhere to MAP policies set forth by the manufacturer.  However, we offer our members preferred pricing well below list price.



Do you have questions about what equipment might fit in your space or accomplish your goals?  We are happy to help you develop a design that will fit your budget as well as your space.


Systems Configuration

We sell many systems and pieces of equipment that require a great deal of expertise and training to properly configure and deploy.  We are happy to engage our people to implement your systems properly and help you exceed your goals.